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Solar Panel Installation in Oklahoma City

First Class Solar LLC excels in solar panel installation in Oklahoma City, giving the local residents a green, budget-friendly power choice. Our experienced team is not just about setting up new panels; we also offer comprehensive services to keep your solar system in perfect condition, including repairs and cleaning. We acknowledge that moving to solar can bring up a lot of questions, from how much it’ll cost to how well it’ll work. That’s why we’re here to walk you through the process, giving you clear advice and tailored options that fit your specific energy needs and financial plans. 

We aim to make solar power both easy and beneficial for the people of our community. Scheduling our services means opting for a partner who supports you well beyond the installation, helps you save money, and promotes a healthier planet for the future.


Our Mission

To provide premium solar panel installation in Oklahoma City, transforming homes and businesses into sustainable energy powerhouses for a greener, brighter future.


Our Vision

To be the leading choice for solar panel services in Oklahoma City OK, inspiring a community-wide shift towards renewable energy for a sustainable, cost-effective tomorrow.

Oklahoma City Simplifying Solar Panel Installation

Switching to solar energy is simple with our straightforward approach to solar panel installation in Oklahoma City
Initial Meeting:

We begin with a one-on-one meeting to discuss what you need from your energy.

Evaluating Your Space

Our experts visit your home to plan the best setup for your solar panels.

Tailored Design

We then tailor-make a solar system that maximizes your energy capture.

Putting Up Your Panels

Next, our skilled technicians install your panels carefully and efficiently.

We wrap up by getting your system up and running and showing you how to keep tabs on it.

Advanced Methods To Make Your Solar Transition Smooth

As the innovative professionals of solar panel services in Oklahoma City involve usage of the most advanced techniques and up-to-date methods:
We use top-notch tools like drones for overhead inspections and thermal cameras to spot common problems such as shade impact, overheating areas, and drops in power output. We use sophisticated planning software to ensure the most efficient setup, and with the latest technology, like microinverters, we boost your solar system’s overall performance and reliability. Our focus on innovation and working hand-in-hand with our customers ensures a smooth and beneficial move to solar energy.
Our Services

What We Offer

Solar Panel Installation

Our solar panel installation in Oklahoma City ensures minimal disruption to your daily life. Enjoy long-term financial savings and other benefits of switching to a sustainable energy source.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Keep your solar panels functioning at their peak with our cleaning services. Regular maintenance is key to optimizing energy production and keeping your panels in the best state.

Solar Panel Repair

No worries if you encounter an issue. Our repair services are designed to swiftly address and fix any complications with your solar panels, ensuring you're never left in the dark.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your home must have sufficient exposure to sunlight and minimal shading. During our initial consultation, we assess your property to determine the feasibility and follow the best approach.
Standard solar panels are connected to the grid and won’t operate during a power outage for safety reasons. Maintaining power during an outage is easy if your system has a battery storage component.
Solar panels require very low maintenance. Rainfall typically keeps them clean. However, if you live in an area with high dust or pollen, you might need occasional cleaning to ensure maximum efficiency.
Yes, but your bill will likely be much lower. If your system is grid-tied, you’ll still be connected to the utility grid. This connection ensures you have power at night or during very cloudy days.
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Expertise & Reliability

Our solid expertise allows us to provide high-quality solar solutions. We ensure your system operates at peak efficiency, whether you need new panels installed or maintenance done on existing panels.

why choose us
Customer-Centric Approach

We know the difficulties associated with solar installations, including component problems and system breakdowns. We're committed to resolving these issues so you can rely on a steady electricity supply.

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